Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And the winner is…

Apparently, people are looking at more then just political platforms of the presidential candidates. They are looking at their logos and voting for the best.

First, Micheal Beirut of Pentagram critiques the presidential hopefuls bumper sticker designs in a Newsweek article. Beirut declares Giuliani the winner.

Not everyone has to be a design guru to cast their vote though. Anyone can vote for their favorite logos at logovoting. And the public doesn't agree with Beirut. Their vote lies with Obama.

Follow-up: Thanks to Bryan at Coudal (comment below) , here's the MediaBistro article about that now-legendary font "Ventura."


Anonymous said...

I'm so embarrassed, the designer in me wants to vote for Guiliani because he has the nicest looking bumper sticker!

bryan said...

The Newsweek story originally misquoted Beirut as saying Rudy and Edwards used the font "Ventura." we all had a good laugh over that: