Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Automatic Update Exhibit at MoMA

Last weekend, I went to MoMA to check out the Richard Serra exhibit. (that was great!!! go see it if you are in NYC.) While there, my boyfriend and I stumbled into a small side gallery and discovered a pretty cool technological art exhibit, Automatic Update. They had a piece by Cory Archangel and other artists which were interesting, but our favorite piece came from Xu Bing. The piece had two computers facing each other and they were separated by a large plastic divider. Each computer had a IMish chat window open. People could chat back and forth between the computers and the chat worked the same as IM except that half of the words were replaced by icons. My boyfriend and I had so much fun writing and figuring out what each other's messages meant. For me, I wished that iChat could come with the option of using more icons.

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