Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Let's swap!

Coudal Partners wants you to send them your stuff and help keep my old art director Bryan busy by having a Swap Meat. (that's bryan up there. Hi Bryan!) They are looking for anything that you have made and designed well. It can be a statue, poster, jewelry or any other stuff that you have done. Once you send in your stuff, they will decide whether to post it on the site or not. If posted, they'll swap it with another person's contribution. In addition to being posted and swapped, a lucky bunch of participants are asked to produce a limited edition set of their stuff to be sold on the site.

Check out everything that has been submitted. There is lots of great and inspiring things up there. And it isn't too late to contribute. You have until August 31st so off your ass and make something.

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bryan said...

Hi girls. Lovely to see you joining forces.

Technically, we swap just about everything we get, unless it's so amazingly lame that we chuck it, or if it's so amazingly cool that we keep it for ourselves. Even then, we send something in return.

We're painfully unscientific about the process. we still have some of the first items we got sitting around unswapped, while other stuff gets swapped right away, and there's no way to know what people like, so one man's treasure may be another man's junk, but we're doing our best to make everyone happy.