Friday, July 20, 2007

So long, Looper, and thanks for the Mies.

As a Chicago expat, I often check-in with my hometown through an assortment of blogs. One of my favorites windows to the city is Looper (aka Devyn Caldwell), a photographer living in the Loop. He's relocating to New York tomorrow and launching a new site, with images of his new city. I will miss seeing Chicago through his watchful eye but I look forward to seeing Devyn's take on the Big Apple.

His swan song to Chicago features one of the city's most influential architects -- Mies van der Rohe. Devyn escaped the city for a trip to visit Farnsworth, Van der Rohe's architectural icon located in Plano, IL. I think this photo's serene vacancy echoes the end of the Looper era.

[Note: Its not my intention for this blog to focus on interiors. Other sites do that far better than I ever could. But seriously, is there a designer worth their salt who hasn't, even once, dreamt that their home, studio or office might somehow be transformed into this building?]

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