Friday, August 10, 2007

Clean up MySpace.

Any designer who's ever crossed paths with MySpace has probably been horrified by the absolute lack of any design principles. The pages are cluttered, there's no heirarchy of information, and (oh, the horror!) there seems to be a lot of animated gifs. MySpace just plain heinous -- like the bathroom wall of a dive bar. Everyone wants to make their mark no matter how garish it might be.

As a CSS doofus, I wouldn't even know where to begin to tackle the mess that is a MySpace homepage. Thanks to Mike Davidson of Mike Indutries who has provided instructions on how to hack MySpace on his blog. His method at least improves the look of a MySpace page. Every little bit helps.

If you can avoid MySpace altogether but still want a presence on a social networking site, try Virb. It's much easier to custom, pare down and navigate. Even the default templates are clean and customizable.

{Virb screenshots}

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