Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MLS Logos

In the spirit of the day – I am headed off the the Chicago Fire vs. Kansas City Wizards game in a mere four hours – I thought I'd post some of the logo redesigns that have happened in the MLS this years. Some have been really decent improvements (LA Galaxay's farewell to the vulgar yellow and green) and some have been abyssmal (What's up with Kansas City's half-hearted effort to get away from the rainbow-centric logo?) Special thanks to Brand New for the LA Galaxy logo and the idea.

And finally, a couple logos that are in dire need of a redesign.

Can you say Fun Run? This is the WORST of the lot and its' not just because the Revs are my least liked team. Really. It's a bad logo.

The Real with the crown on top looks like a butter logo. Can anyone say Shedd's Speard? Ugh.

You'll never be treated as a serious MLS contender if your logo makes you look like a cover band for Men at Work.

{Thanks to SportsLogos for the images.}

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