Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mid-Century Inspiration

Flickr is a great resource for mid-century illustration stylings. There are lots of grups collecting particular stylings. The range of material is incredibly vast -- from matchbook designs, magazine illustrations, cookbook illustrations, and vintage signage.

Here's a short list of vintage image resources:
My favorite: Mid-Century Illustration
Vintage Christmas
Retro Kid
Vintage Illustration
Vintage Advertising
And He Was
And She Was
The Retro Teen
Vintage Type
Vintage Supermarkets, Grocery & Convenience Stores
Sugar Frosted Cereal Museum


[PS I chose the astronaut book cover from the Mid-Century illustration pool in an attempt to make-up for not crediting Bob at Skylab Letterpress for the Lucky Disasters book tip yesterday. All forgiven?]

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bob said...

All is forgiven, grasshopper.