Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Magazine Round-Up: Part One

I took some time this week to read through some of the magazines that have accumulated in my office and pull out a few good bits to share, some are recent and some go back awhile. I'll be posting magazine bits over the next few days. Hope you enjoy them!

In the spirit of our on-going serendipity, there is an article about the original printing of Eric Gill's "An Essay on Typography" in the Winter 2006 issue of Eye (no. 62). Gill wrote the book, designed it, set the type and was even involved in the printing process. It was also the first time, Joanna was used in print.

Another article in this particular issue forecasted the return of flourish in design and typography and its somewhat sordid life in the twentieth century.

This issue was chock full of good stuff including an article about character design, a short history about a magazine called Motif which only published 13 issues during the mid-20th century and a reminder about why P+P loves Bryant.

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