Friday, November 16, 2007

Magazine Round-Up: Part Three

To follow-up Jan Tschihold's redesign of Penguin books, it only seems fitting to mention the August 2007 issue of Creative Review.

The August 2007 issue of Creative Review featured a gorgeous two-page spread about David Pearson's Great Loves book series for Penguin. The subtlety of type and the ever-present borders on his designs attest to the enduring legacy of Tschichold while taking a modern step to illustrate the covers without giving over to sentimentality. Using images from nature to illustrate each story, he had rubber stamps created for each image to mimic the look of lino-cuts or screenprinting. The limited color palettes unify the series and add a certain amount of drama to each cover.

Also in this issue were some gorgeous illustrations for Robinson's juice by Adrian Johnson. Completely on the other side of the design spectrum from the restrained, elegant designs Pearson did for Penguin, Adrian's illos are playful, fun and truly charming. More of his work can be seen on Illustration Mundo and (someday) on his web site.

Johnson is a member of the Black Convoy, a UK-based illustration collective .

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perfectbound said...

That looks really interesting. I don't think we get Creative Review here. (we don't get a lot of things here!) Thanks for posting it so we can get a peek.