Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Magazine Round-Up: Part Two

Found in the infinite well of goodness that it my company's creative research library, I nabbed this gem.

[Sample page from the Printer's Ornaments issue]

Everyone I know gets a warm, happy feeling when they find a bookstore that carries the Japanese design tome, Idea. Oversized and often myopic in each issue's subject matter, the right issue can be well-worth the steep import price tag. The current issue on the newsstand is entirely dedicated to printers' ornaments, past and present and could easily be sold with a hardcover as a full coffee table book.

The issue I found absolutely riveting is no. 321, The Works of Jan Tschichold. On a mix of cream uncoated and bright white coated stocks, various parts of Tschihold's career from academia to the extensive design of the Penguin book collections. The range of timeless design is phenomenal.

[He does look "particular," doesn't he?]

If there was ever a book that didn't find its way back to the library, this would be it. I may have to find a way to order a back issue just to clear my conscience.

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