Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Doc Martens Returns

[New Dr. Marten's ad to appeal to young fashionistas, image from the NYTimes]

Since the punk rock/grunge look went out of fashion in the 90s, Dr. Martens has been trying to revitalize its image. Following a negative response to an ad campaign created by Saatchi + Saatchi earlier this year, Dr. Martens has had to retool and rethink its marketing and brand strategy. The failed ad campaign was an effort to link its brand to well-known (and dead) rock icons. Saatchi + Saatchi did not get permission from the artists' estates to use the likenesses which caused a backlash among fans.

After firing Saatchi + Saatchi, Dr. Martens is launching a new campaign to try to appeal to a new audience, as well as hosting an online contest to custom design boots and working with renowned fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto on limited edition boots used in his recent runway show.

Can a brand recreate itself?

[One of the ads created by Saatchi + Saatchi that caused such a stink]

[Yohji Yamamoto runaway model wearing Dr. Martens, image from Fashion Tribes]

[Limited edition Yohji Yamamoto boots for Dr. Martens, images from Rare Daily]


bryan said...

I was always a big fan of their core product, which were well-made, simple work boots with a cool connection to the british rock scene. In the late 80s, they were expensive and hard to find, but well-made and there was no substitute. By 2000 you could buy cheap-version "DMs" at any mall shoe store, and every other shoe company in the world was making higher-quality knockoffs, and even the expensive "made in england" original styles would fall apart after a couple weeks. A few years ago, they moved all production to asia, and I pretty much gave up on them. If they want me to buy them again, they need to stop futzing with silly designs and trying to appeal to everybody and being 'couture' and street and suburban at the same time, and just make (preferably in England) some high-quality reasonably-priced boots in their original styles. It's going to take more than advertising to win me back, especially after that embarrassing dead rock star campaign.

The Ghost of Peter Craig said...

The 80's are over, and that C**t from N*****a is no skinhead. In fact, that band killed the 80's underground and turn it to Mid-America culture. Using him the sell it is an insult.

This just makes me mad! AHAHAH!

It should been done as a 80's hardcore retro thing. Maybe they'd sell a pair or 2.