Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Home Decor Magazines Folding

[Photo by The New No. 2]

It has come to our attention that not one, but two, home decor magazines have folded in the last month. House & Garden announced it was shuttering its operation with the December issue being the last published. Yesterday, Blueprint magazine announced that its Jan/Feb issue would be the last issue printed although they assure loyal readers that the blog, Bluelines and the web site will continue to live on.

I realize that there has been a glut of home decor magazines (and blogs, for that matter) but its a shock that these two publications would be the ones to fold. I was just telling someone I planned to cancel my subscription to Domino because I would rather spend my money on Blueprint. For a magazine whore, that is high praise.

Of all the home decor magazines, I can think of several that are not living up to expectations. What do you think?

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