Thursday, January 31, 2008

Have you hugged your subway today?

[From Top: two pieces from the urban legend series, homemade cookies about train]

Love Bound Train is a lovely, whimsical and funny website dealing with the love/hate relationship people have with public transportation. The site started when graphic designer Ava Savitsky and illustration/comic artist Griffin Waldau posted flyers asking riders what they thought of their local NYC subway line. The couple then created a line of toys, a comicbook, stickers, postcards and even cookies around the topic of the L train.

My favorite Love Bound Train project is where Savitsky and Waldau sketched new year's eve resolutions that are phone in to them by L train riders. Also their handmade DS game cartridge holder is pretty sweet too.

[Below: handmade DS game cartridge holder]

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