Tuesday, February 26, 2008

L'Interview: Chris Ware

Part One in a three-part series from French television interviewing Chris Ware about his work. The interview starts about a minute into the video so stick with it and the end shows Chris at his drawing board. Priceless footage.

Part Two picks up right where part one leaves off – with Chris at his drawing board which is so amazing to watch and may be the only opportunity we will ever have to see him working since Chris is so private and shy. The interview concludes with Chris's notorious love of Ragtime music and his overwhelming melancholy outlook. Its clear why the French like Chris.

Part Three shows Chris using rulers, masks and more fine brushwork for a Quimby the Mouse cover. He admits to doing a little color work on the computer but he does all the production work for his books and comics. He tortures himself about the published sketchbook which has given so many an insight to work and inspired a whole new batch of artists.

[Chris, we hope you keep drawing and that you always love the work that you do. The way we love the work that you do.]

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