Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Illustrator: Rama Hughes

Rama Hughes is an illustrator and educator working in Los Angeles. His portfolio is extensive and his drawings make me crazy happy. He illustrated a comic book to celebrate his wife's birthday including the image at the bottom of this post. How could we not love him?

His sketchbooks will be featured in Danny Gregory's upcoming book An Illustrated Life. Exciting! To hear Rama discussing drawing and his sketchbooks, check out Danny Gregory's podcast.

[Back page of Rama Hughes's limited edition comic book for his wife's birthday. This is the requisite order form familiar to anyone who grew up reading comics. In this case though, its all the gifts he was planning to buy his wife. If this is the kind of stuff she wants for her birthday, Pica + Pixel love her too!]

[I can't believe it's only Wednesday... in my head its Friday and this is a fun "let's stop at the comic book store on the way home" sort of post. So, don't blame me if you just have to go to the comic book store on your way home today and new books won't be in until tomorrow -- all good comic book nerds know that.]

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