Tuesday, May 20, 2008

NYC Stationery Show: Part 1

Over the weekend, I hit the National Stationery Show here in New York. I saw a handful of really great work and wanted to share with you some of the places that were there. I am going to break these posts over a couple of days to make it easier to digest.

First up is a Pica + Pixel favorite – Snow & Graham. Ms. Ana introduced me to them years ago and I've been smittened every since. Their booth showed off tons of great work, but what caught my eye were there desk calendars and wall calenders. Lovely!

Another great stationery company is Peculiar Pair Press. They create these amazing elaborate and elegant design that just leave me breathless. It was great to see all their work in one place.

Next up is Hammerpress out of Kansas City. They also do letterpress but with a funkier, more fun twist.

After Hammerpress, I discovered a cute new card company called Night Owl Paper Goods out of Alabama. They do both letterpress cards and eco-friendly cards printed on thin birch wood. I loved their whimsical animal drawings and their striking patterns.

Hello Lucky had a great huge booth showing off all their cute and wonderful wears.

Finally, I checked out the Poketo booth. I have been eyeing their wallets for a while and was happy to see that they had branched out into tons more products like plates, cool sketchbooks and other fun things.

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John said...

hey that was a nice short and sweet recap! crazy amazing stuff!