Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Hey, Who US-ed my Entertainment Weekly?

Following the 1000th issue of the venerable pop culture rag, Entertainment Weekly ushered in their newly redesigned publication that makes it look markedly like US magazine or any of the other checkout aisle fodder. I even had to ask, "Did they switch to cheaper paper stock? Why does it look so cheesy?"

Who is to blame for putting my favorite back page column, The Pop of King (by Stephen King) on page 22? Who redesigned the title of the Hit List column so that both i's are exclamation points -- the height of sophomore design? John Korpics, that's who. Known for his previous work at InStyle, Esquire and the former Design Director for the very same Entertainment Weekly that he now downgrades visually to the absolute lowest common design denominator. Looking at his web site, I can see he recycled the exclamation point idea.

'Nuff said.

[All images from John Korpics site]

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