Monday, October 20, 2008

Book Mining: The Age of Feminine Drawing

[1. Miyuki Ohashi, 2. The Age of Feminine Drawing Cover, 3. Jeffrey Fulvimari, 4. Jeffrey Fulvimari, 5. Bella Pilar: Bhind the Scenes, 6. Ohgushi: Behind the Scenes]

The Age of Feminine Drawing is another Japanese publication focussing on the new crop of fashion illustrators. The range of stylings in the book is pretty diverse from brushy watercolors to digital superflat to loose pencil sketches. There is certainly enough range to appeal to most everyone. The book is also printed in a combination of full color pages on both coated and uncoated sheets, and short-sheet translucent overlays. There's even a Sketchbook section in the middle of the book printed on newsprint and butcher paper in black and white only.

My favorite part of the book was the Behind the Scenes pages at the back of the book which showed artists' work areas, book shelves, process drawings and reference photos. The more I flip through the book, the more I appreciate the format and the extent of work.

Don't forget the Flickr Set with larger sneak peek images and the ISBN info.

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