Monday, October 13, 2008

Book Mining: Olle Eksell

[1. Kanaljen i seraljen book cover, 2. Kanaljen i seraljen book cover, 3. Utsikt Magazine Cover, 4. Jordbrukare-Ungdomens Förbund, 5. Bonniers, 6. Poster design, 7. Ögon Block chocolates, 8. 1984 book cover]

Thanks to the library at work, I got a chance to see some amazing design and illustration work from Olle Eksell, Swedish Graphic Designer. I gleaned little concrete information about Olle since the book is in Japanese from PIE Books but I did get to marvel at the sketches and finished designs of what surely must be a preeminent Swedish designer. The work in the book ranges from 1939 to 1980 and spans product design, advertising, book design and even illustrations for a children's book. I'd go so far as to say that Olle Eksell is the Paul Rand of Sweden.

For larger images, see the Flickr set where the ISBN number is also listed.

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