Thursday, October 2, 2008

Good Advice for Business Cards

Coroflot recently published seven points about popular business card design options. There is some good advice for common approaches and the pitfalls to avoid. Pica + Pixel stand by their belief that, even in this age of digital communication, face-to-face meetings and the impact of a well-designed business card are still a must for any creative career. You'd be surprised how many opportunities you'll have to hand out your business card once you have some – weddings, funerals, lunches, art openings, dinner with family – you never know where your next client might be.


Lorraine said...

What's everyone's opinion: Is it better to use the business card from your job? Or a more creative looking one just for yourself?

Bob Atkins said...

I love the idea of a personal card. The calling card. But then again, a professional card is always nice, too.
Seems to me the best thing to do is get both.

Of course, I'm a printer.

More advices for business cards said...

1. Hand out business cards liberally to everyone and anyone you meet – personal and business. Make sure you keep them wherever they’ll be needed – desk, briefcase, wallet, glove compartment, etc.

2. Enter business cards in drawings at local business, restaurants, etc.

3. Make sure your business cards are displayed and available at strategic locations targeting intended customers