Monday, December 1, 2008

MK12 does MI6: Quantum of Solace Title Sequence

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving weekend. As an honored family tradition, we always see a Bond film over the holiday weekend and this year was no exception. In the twenty-second installment in the Bond series, Quantum of Solace was action-packed albeit a little jiggly-cam. The great joy was seeing that the opening title sequence was created by Kansas City hometown faves, MK12. There is something truly mesmerizing about the technique they used for the type.

MK12 creators, Ben Radatz and Tim Fisher discuss the Quantum of Solace title sequence in this video at the official 007 web site.

More info about the title sequence and MK12 is available at Record Preserve Share.

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Craig Daitch said...

They hit this one out of the park! My brother and I went to see 007 this past weekend and both of us walked out raving over the title sequence.

Great job!