Thursday, February 19, 2009

Book Covers Abound!

After Ana's post yesterday about your 30 favorite books covers, I poked around the net trying to find a couple of my favorites and ran across the Book Cover Archive. The site brims with amazing book covers from hundreds of great designers and let's anyone search by designer, title, author, typeface (totally geeky and rad) and tons more categories. The sites doesn't have every book cover so suggest some of your favorites and see if they make the cut.

p.s. – will try and post my favorite 30 book covers next week. thanks for the inspiration ana!


Anonymous said...

Really great reference, i'm bookmarking it. I 've been going to the local record store in Portland, EM (Everyday music) and have shot CD covers i like for inspiration. This site does the same thing i'll have to come back to it tomorrow.


kirsten said...

hector – you should create a site of all the cd covers. that would be an awesome reference too!