Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oscar Nominated Shorts

[Clockwise from top: Oktapodi, Lavatory (Lovestory), La Masion en Petits Cubes, Presto and This Way Up.]

Tonight my husband and I checked out all the Oscar nominated short animated films at IFC Center in Manhattan. We watched all five nominated films along with four other acclaimed shorts. All the Oscar nominated films turned out to be captivating, smart and well-done. Some where funny like Oktapodi, Lavatory (Lovestory), This Way Up (small snippet here) or Presto by Pixar. While La Masion en Petits Cubes was soul-searching, introspective and bittersweet (small snippet here). I think La Masion en Petits Cubes should win while my husband voted for Presto. Another winner for us was Bill Plympton's Hot Dog which wasn't nominated, but we loved it anyways.

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