Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Graphics Designers Moonlighting as Photographers

There is a group on Flickr dedicated to the photographic experiments and adventures of designers – Graphic Designers Moonlighting as Photographers. Aptly named, its a huge pool of over 70,000 images contributed by over 7,000 designers worldwide. It includes a huge array of images, from portraits and "stock photography" to typography and texture in the world at large.

[A small sampling of images from the pool: 1. Maman, 2. P1100955Z, 3. Colo(u)rs, 4. Living Color, 5. "N", 6. big red in bottles, 7. roger, 8. color_markers, 9. _]

P.S. The bunny image is especially for Kirsten. Her birthday is Wednesday. Let the well-wishing begin here!

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