Tuesday, October 20, 2009

LA Event: Hello Kitty Art Show at Three Apples Exhibition

[Above: Gary Baseman. Below: Buff Monster]

Ana and I have a soft spot for Hello Kitty in our hearts since some of the first moments of our friendship were spent bonding over our mutual love of Hello Kitty. Imagine our glee when we found that the Three Apples Exhibition in LA is throwing a fantastic show where Sanario collaborates with 80 popular artist to celebrate 35 years of Hello Kitty. Everyone from Frank Kozik to Gary Baseman to Tara McPherson to Friends with You will be contributing. Makes me want to take a trip to LA to check it all out.

[Via Juxtapoz Magazine. Thanks to Thea for the tip.]


Christina Conway said...

geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I'm going to the private preview party... can you believe? I'll take photos for you two. You SHOULD come out to LA!

kirsten said...

Wow! Christina that is so awesome!! I am totally jealous. Let me know when you post your photos. I would love to see them. And I'll let you know if we ever make it out to LA.