Thursday, February 4, 2010

Brand New Shudders at Microsoft

Brand New is notorious for its deep, probing analysis of revised and redesigned logos so when the Microsoft Office logo was updated, of course, Brand New featured it. What tickled me was the editorial about Armin's disdain for Microsoft products in general.

Here's a few choice snippets:

It’s no secret that I do not — repeat, do not — enjoy the design stylings of Microsoft. But that’s like a 5-year-old saying he or she does not like broccoli, except for the fact that not even with age does the Microsoft taste become acquired.

Granted, this is mostly for us, designers, for whom the mere sight of an Excel, Word or PowerPoint file can bring us to our knees, as we struggle to find something as natural as the letter-spacing option.

Regardless of what most outsiders see as diva-like apprehension towards these applications...

This is why I go back and visit Brand New time and time again.

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