Monday, March 1, 2010

logo love

Hello! I'm Jeanee, your guest blogger for the week. I'm so happy to be here at pica + pixel to share some graphic design with you.

By day I'm a graphic designer for Hallmark and by night I'm a
crafter and Zumba fitness instructor. I'm influenced by all the beauty around me, so I have lots to share!

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Recently I found some new Flickr eye candy from super_furry. He does wonderful logo work. I love his typefaces mixed with hand lettering.

Two of my favorites of his logo variations are for Roasted Bliss Coffee and Anjou Bakery. They totally remind me being in grad school having to make 50 variations of one logo sue the next day. Staying up all night doing sketches on tissue paper and trying every combination possible in Illustrator.


The smiling bean is my winner! I just love how simple objects makes something else.

The simplicity of the illustration of the crease of a coffee bean makes a little smile. And of course the bean should be smilng; it's going to make some yummy coffee!

And did you know where how that crease gets there? The seed grows and wraps around on itself while inside the fruit creating a crease on the flat side of each bean.


I like the first logo because there is a loaf of bread inside the "a." And I really like the stressed and vintage look of a loaf of bread label of the 4th one.

For more logo love check out a site called Logo of the Day.

They reward the best professional logos and trademarks designed throughout the world. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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Great logos!