Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Three Potato Four

In the 4th issue of Uppercase magazine there is a story about Three Potato Four by Victoria Smith from sfgirlbybay.

Three Potato Four is ran by married couple Janet Morales and Stu Eliand and it's one of the most popular and thriving online vintage shop. I must say that I drool over Three Potato Four's collections.

The couple had two small children and love working at home so they can spend more time with them.

Cardboard boxes for the shop become forts for the kids, ... signage letters become after school alphabet lessons."

They get their goods as they travel around to antique markets within a 200-mile radius of home, and work with antique dealers they've met over the years.

I love the way the shop is designed and well-organized. Each page they have as a storefront tells a story.

Three Potato Four has some of the best photography which makes their good extra appetizing.

I SO want a custom hand-lettered sign to say "Jeanee's CUPCAKES" to have at craft shows to display near my cupcake bath fizzies!