Friday, September 21, 2007

Guest Post: Rock Chalk Trajan Shock

A guest post by designer and typography artist, Madeline Tompkins:

Recently, two of my great passions in life (typography and the University of Kansas Men's Basketball) have collided, with devastating consequences.

[Original KU font]

I flipped out when I heard that they were changing the font on my beloved Jayhawk's jersey! Now I'm not one to stand on too much tradition, but to go from an arc-serif type style that is uniquely Kansas to (gasp) Trajan, the official font of the University of Kansas (and corporate kiss butts the world over -- ED.)? You've gone too far, KU Brand Police! The KU Sports message boards are filled with rants (and even a few raves) about the change.

[Some students are taking their fury to the streets with this Jayhawks themed tee]

For those of you on the fence about the serious nature of this, I give you this one point of design argument. Just look at the KANSAS type in Trajan when it is placed on an arch. Doesn't it look like the K and A are a mile apart, even when they're kerned to an inch of their life? And if THAT isn't a good reason to stick with tradition, I don't know what is.

[Oh, the horror!]

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