Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Designer and more: Alex Trochut

[Left: cover of Beautiful Decay. Right: Channel 4 25th anniversary lettering]

[Both: Estrella Levante posters]

[Both: 70s bling typography created for the Cultura Urbana hip-hop festival]

I saw Alex Trochut's work a month or so on the cover of Beautiful Decay and i was smitten. Trochut is an fabulous designer/illustrator/type guru from barcelona (and also is the grandson of typographer Joan Trochut). He doesn't have a set style, but he likes to follow the philosophy in his terms of "More is More." His luckly clients include: Nike, Budweiser, Diesel and many others. Lovely, lovely, lovely. For more info, check out Speak Up's Armin Vit's interview with him.

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