Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Podcasts for Designers

I've recently discovered the world of podcasts beyond NPR and CastOn. I discovered several design-related podcasts; the list below are the ones I'd most recommend to you, my friends.

Type Radio
Created by the folks at Underware, this is the high brow, smart-people podcast about type and design. There must be at least 100 episodes already recorded, each under 30 minutes with such luminaries as Stefan Sagmeister, Luc(as) de Groot, Erik Spiekermann, David Carson, Chip Kidd, Massimo Vignelli and Matthew Carter. Despite some dips in sound quality in the recordings, this is the podcast I would most likely recommend to someone interested in learning more about design and typography.

Be A Design Cast
Every episode gets more polished and professional. Sometimes it devolves into silliness but the most recent podcasts we inspirational and entertaining.

Voices of Design
This podcast is available on iTunes (I couldn't find it on Adobe's site anywhere). The last episode were posted back in May of 2007 but they are still a good podcasts even if Adobe has abandoned this project. I chose to include this podcast because the last clip is about GUM magazine which is created by F.O.P+P (friends of Pica + Pixel), Colin Metcalf and Kevin Grady . Each episode is only about three minutes so you can plow through a dozen episodes while pixel-diddling. If anyone has more information about this audio project, please forward it and I will update this section.

Design View Show
This show has only two episodes under its belt but its already shown a nice polish and a good pace. We wish the best to Andy Rutledge and his future epsiodes. We look forward to hearing them.

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