Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A Glimpse Into Sketchbooks

Julia Rothman is a New York illustrator who created Book-By-Its-Cover, a blog that is not only a short review of her favorite books, but also a gallery of interior photos of the books to give readers a chance to see what's between the covers. She covers a range of design, art, children's books as well as a collection of miscellaneous books like maps, handmade books and pictorials.

On Fridays, she is featuring a look into artist's sketchbooks including such up-an-comers as Jill Bliss and Jen Corace. This week Ray Fenwick is guest editing and featuring his five favorite books starting with Laura Park's mini comic. (I'll definitely follow-up with postings on both Ray and Laura soon!)

[Pages from Jen Corace's sketchbooks]

[Pages from Jill Bliss's sketchbooks]

[Follow-up note: Coincidentally, Kirsten wrote a review of Book Design of Graphic Designers in Japan. I thought it looked familiar!]

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