Monday, February 18, 2008

Finally, Crap Hound 7!

If you lived through the 90s and worked in some dive-y little newspaper scraping together change to spend at the local 'zine shop, then you might remember the coveted Crap Hound. (Okay, maybe that was just me.) Crap Hound is a 'zine created by Sean Tejaratchi that collects miscellaneous clip art around a theme in amazing little collages. Well, after a ten year hiatus, Crap Hound is back with issue number 7, Church & State. The timing couldn't be better. Buy your copy today from Reading Frenzy. Reading Frenzy has also republished volume 6: Death, Telephones and Scissors.

Ping Magazine did an interview with Sean Tejaratchi in December including lots of images from previous issues of Crap Hound.

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