Monday, February 18, 2008

Out of the closet, onto the page

[Khoi Vinh's book, Art Direction Goes Digital]

A year or so ago, I discovered and its world of self-publishing. A photography forum in which I was actively participating decided to create a book of members' work and publish it via I was skeptical that the quality wouldn't live up to expectations but I was pleasantly surprised. The first issues of JPEG magazine were also initially sold via

Khoi Vinh of Subtraction very succinctly described the value and experience of print-on-demand book publishing in a recent article.

Since these initial experiences with, my advice to any designer or illustrator looking to promote themselves has been to build a portfolio and then publish it as a book. For under $10 each, these mini-portfolios will make an impact, look professional and can be left with prospective employer or client without breaking the bank. After losing a portfolio via FedEx and having one destroyed by over-zealous art directors, is the only way to do a portfolio.

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