Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Arts & Architecture

As a diehard fan of Rae and Charles Eames, I have been aware of the legendary Arts & Architecture for some time but I have never had the opportunity to thumb through a copy of the iconic publication. Thanks to Taschen, there is now a website featuring PDF previews, prints of particularly noteworthy covers and the promise of a collected volume to be available in the Fall of 2008. The set will include all ten years worth of issues, over 6000 pages of content in ten boxes and priced at $700.

If you're interested in the Case Houses, Taschen has already published a huge volume selling for $200.

Pica + Pixel hope that maybe Taschen will consider compiling the poor designer's Arts & Architecture primer at a more manageable size and price. Though we'll gladly accept the whole set as a gift. We promise not to fight over it.

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