Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Best American Sports Logos

In the haze of a soccer-filled weekend, talk about the new MLS teams being added in the next few years ensued. As a designer, my mind immediately went to what the logos for these teams would look like. Seattle already has its logo up on their site. Its very... um, pointy. Phillie has not posted the logo for their team yet but let's hope its not a big bell. Both Colorado Rapids and the LA Galaxy have recently redesigned their logos and are both marked improvements over the earlier incarnations.

[For more intelligent discourse about the MLS logos, check out the Seattle Sounders post and the LA Galaxy post on Brand New.]

So, what do I think makes a good sports logo? I think what makes a really good sports logo is that its iconic, something describable and sketchable or at least describable -- good, timeless typography helps as well. So these are my choices in no particular order. I tried to be as non-biased as possible (so, no they are not all Chicago teams). Let the debate rage!

[Clockwise from top left: New York Yankees, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Cubs, LA Galaxy, and New Orleans Saints]

[Clockwise from top: LA Dodgers, Cleveland Indians, Philadelphia Phillies, and Philadelphia Flyers]

[All logos thanks to Chris Creamer's Sports Logos]

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