Thursday, August 21, 2008

Illustrator: Gary Panter

I am a huge Gary Panter fan. Panter is considered one of the greats of underground American comics and was included in the 2006-2007 exhibit Masters of American Comics show along side illuminaires such as Charles Schultz, Chris Ware and Will Eisner. His punk, psychedelic style has influenced tons of artists and he has shaped American culture through his surreal sets of Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Panter recently released a huge 2 volume monograph of his artwork and paintings. The 688 page book is a treasure trove of sketchs, paintings, interviews and articles about Panter. Check out this awesome interview with Panter about this monograph.

If the book isn't personal enough, you can have your own Panter-created artwork. Just give him three words, some cash and 6-8 weeks and you'll receive your own piece of art. My husband and I both own have our own drawings and we love them. (my words were squirrel, bunny, parade and his were kitten, rainbow, mafia.)

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