Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Inside Vahalla Studios

[Vahalla poster collage gathered by Urban Art Warfare]

["Vahalla Dan" Padavic in his printmaking gear and a stash of inks in the shop.]

This weekend I had the chance to go inside Vahalla Studios, Kansas City's hottest screenprint shop. Vahalla has made its name printing some of the most beautiful concert posters especially the series for MySpace Secret Shows. Look for Tad and Micah at Bumbershoot for Flatstock 18 this weekend to score some posters.

Dan Padavic, known to me as Vahalla Dan, promises that a new site for Vahalla will be launching soon with more content and more fun in the next week or so. From the samples and conversation this weekend I gather more posters will be available and some sweet tees too. I can't wait!

[A sneak peek at some of the prints in the shop including the two pieces in the center printed on wood veneer for Tad Carpenter's upcoming show at the Blue Bottle Gallery.]

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Bob Atkins said...

Dan & crew are the nicest guys you could meet. Which kind of sums up the KC printing scene, I believe. I don't have enough wall space in my shop to contain all the nice poster work they've done.