Tuesday, August 26, 2008

House Industries Hottie Invades Hallmark

[Me hamming it up with Andy Cruz of House Industries]

Today was one of those days that makes me remember why I LOVE my job. I got hear Andy Cruz of House Industries talk about how he has made a success of bringing his hobbies into his work. Then I was invited to eat lunch with Andy and pick his brain a little more about life in the outside world. And I got to do it on the company dime.

Andy talked through the history of House Industries and many of the collections of type that have been created over more than 15 years. When House Industries designs a type collection, they do their research and they not only create beautiful, useful fonts but every inch of the packaging and marketing is also done to the Nth degree. They don't do half-assed. He inspired me to reconsidered what gets me really impassioned and reminded me that if you do something, do it "full monty" and people will notice.

I promised not to divulge the super-secret projects that will be coming from House Industries in the next few months but let's just say that they are working on some amazing stuff.

Andy Cruz is incredibly nice, personable and totally down-to-earth. For being considered one of the "rock star designers," he's taking his notoriety in stride. He signed autographs, gave away great prizes and even hammed it up for photo ops with geeks like me. Thanks for everything, Andy!

[Apparently Andy doesn't think he's as handsome as Ken. This is the autograph he did for a friend. Ken, when are you coming to Hallmark so we can decide for ourselves?!?!?]

P.S. Andy confessed that he is also doing posts for the Dwell blog and if the pictures I saw of his house are any indication, the man knows his way around contemporary and mid-century interiors. Multi-talented!


Bob Atkins said...

New stuff? And I was just getting used to using 'Crackhouse' as a text font.

Anonymous said...

Ah! Atkins, you're killin' me!

Anonymous said...

Andy gives me a major b0n3r!

brzo furte said...

I always get this guy confused with Randy Craz.