Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tasty Design Snacks!

Our friends Supermarket find the best and more unique designed things. Here are a few of Pica + Pixels' favorite finds.

Who wouldn't want to get a card of cute little things doing evil little things? Jesse Willmon, a designer/illustrator out of Queens (and fiance of pixel), created a smart-ass line of adorable animals doing questionable things. Gotta love a card with a puking cat or a stone pooping cinder blocks.

Besides cards, we were smitten with posters by Right Brain Terrain LLC who has some fun motivational design posters to keep anyone happy and working.

Finally, we were pleased to see Victore NYC offering some of his radical design wares. Snap up a handful of his design posters or spruce up your dinner parties one of the plates from his Dirty Plates collection.

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