Tuesday, December 9, 2008

FontShop's Top 20 of 2008

Its time for the end-of-year lists to start and I'll kick it off here with FontShop's list of their best 20 faces for 2008.

I've pulled a couple of my favorites from their list but please consult the whole list and see if any of your favorites made it to the top.

First up, a favorite here at P+P, it's P22's Underground Pro. Its an extensive creation base don Johnston's London Underground designs which is a pleasing variation on the largely overused Gill Sans (No offense, Mr. Gill!)

A readable but decorative face called Bree. Its useful but ever-so-slightly quirky.

Parry and Parry Grotesque gives you the best of both worlds -- serif and sans serif. Great for your next publication re-design!

A warm, humanist sans called Foco. Both friendly and readable it would be great for a kid's book or a bakery logo. I really want to see the word "cupcake" set in the bold weight!

Victoria Samuels has amazingly delicate caps and an array of alternate characters thanks to Open Type technology. Makes me think of a vintage film with lots of costume changes and song-and-dance numbers.

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