Thursday, December 18, 2008

Help for Designers during the Recession

The AIGA recent article, How Is AIGA Helping Designers Survive the Recession?, urged designers that may be facing job loss or cutbacks to stay strong and renew their memberships. While there are some legitimately good reasons to maintain one's health, particularly during stressful times, and maintain a membership in the AIGA (they do offer options for health insurance), the advice overall seems to be more about making the AIGA profit and less about keeping a roof over our collective heads. That said, I am sure the intention was to be helpful. Michael Surtees was also a bit skeptical about the article so I at least feel like I'm in good company.

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Ric Grefe said...

Actually, the intent was to encourage designers to make constructive use of what can be a demoralizing experience and to prepare to be stronger when the design economy recovers. If the collective community, which is AIGA, is not supportive, there are not many places for designers to turn.

It has nothing to do with making a profit for AIGA. It has to do with strengthening the profession and individual designers.