Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Typecasting with Mark Simonson

With just a little less than a week left on my turn in the lettering department at work, my onslaught of all things typography will probably ebb a bit and more illustration, photography and design will surface again. I have to get a couple more posts up before then though.

[In Ed Wood the font Chicago is set in 3D letters on a sign!]

Mark Simonson published a series of typographic anachronisms, Typecasting: The Use and (Mis)Use of Period Typography in Movies. It is filled with the kind of typographic minutia only a designer could love. He includes stills from the films and a rating system for the level of attention paid to typographic detail. The post was so popular, he has created a follow-up, Son of Typecasting, where he goes into detail about the good (and bad) use of type in film and television. What fun!

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