Monday, December 15, 2008

TypeTips from the FontFeed

While snooping around on FontShop's website I came across a couple other nuggets I just had to share. The FontShop FontFeed (get it in your RSS now!) has a series called Type Tips that contain really great information for improving your typography skills.

The beloved Erik Speikermann offers his seven tips for not looking like an unprofessional dunderhead. Trust him, he knows things.

A personal favorite set of tips, Alternatives to Helvetica helps you get out of your san serif font rut.

Finally, there is a whole piece on a series of ads for Dexter that are recreations of magazine covers. Its a great experiment in recreating the look of a magazine cover, making it look like a true parody and not a farce. Its also a chance to play guess-the-font used on these covers. I'm particularly fond of how well the ads replicated the design quality of each of these publications.

There are several other tips that make a trip into the FontFeed archives worth a few minutes of your time. They never cease to impress me.

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