Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Its OK, you can "Trust Me"

[Because nothing says advertising professional like yelling and untucked shirts.]

TNT just launched their new drama Trust Me about two buddies, an art director and a copywriter in a prestigious Chicago ad firm, who value their friendship and a good tagline. I can't say the first episode was Emmy award-winning but for anyone who works in the business of selling, there are certainly moments that ring true -- right down to the bookshelf covered with vinyl advertising spokes-characters.

As someone who has watched too many police procedurals, crime-fighters and lawyer shows, a peek into a Hollywood-ized version of the ad world is pretty darned entertaining. C'mon people! The main characters are an AD and a writer! I finally know how real CSIs feel when they see DNA analysis done in a commercial break (That never happens in real life!). If you're on a photo shoot, you're on a photo shoot; you don't get to blow it off and hang out by the hotel pool in the middle of the day!!! So its worth watching, if only to nitpick the details.

The occasional shot of the Chicago skyline is nice too.

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Bob Atkins said...

The best part was seeing their 'over caffeinated' boss. If there's anything that screamed 'coked-up', it was that guy.

And reminded me of KBA. Good times.