Thursday, January 8, 2009

Marian Bantjes: design&designer book

[ISBN: 978-2-35017-126-5. Photos from Marian Bantjes]

Pyramyd Editions from France published its 66th edition of the design&designer series about the beloved typography maven, Marian Bantjes. It is a small square book filled almost entirely with photos of her work, only a short introduction and then pictures, pictures, pictures! I particularly enjoyed having an up-close and personal experience with the sugar lettering Bantjes created since I'd only seen her work online in low rez.

Unfortunately, the book is only available from France. The link from Bantjes' site operates entirely in French which makes it a bit challenging to order if you're not a fluent speaker. The book can be purchased via which might be a little easier to navigate.

While on the subject of Ms. Bantjes, there was a spectacular display font in the book called Restraint that she created with Ross Mills that is being distributed through Tiro Typeworks. It is built of highly decovative characters that link together with her signature twists, twirls and filgree. Each character in this OpenType face occupies a full grid square as well as a vast assortment of decorative and connective elements. The licensing agreement for this font is somewhat limited so make sure to read it before you use it.

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