Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Finally! Alexander Girard at House Industries

I got a little sneak peek at the Alexander Girard collection when Andy Cruz was at Hallmark giving a presentation. I was burning to tell-all but promised to keep my big trap shut until it was released.

So, now I can speak freely!

House Industries has tackled yet another exhaustive typographic retrospective. This time, they've taken on one of the most influential artists of mid-century design, Alexander Girard. He was a textile designer for the Herman Miller company through the 50s and 60s -- what many think of as the glory days of comtemporary design and created many of the images and patterns associated with the design of the time. House Industries dove into the archives of Vitra and Herman Miller to collect typographic and design elements to build their Girard collection.

Four fonts were created for the collection: Girard Script (based on Girard's signature), Girard Slab, Girard Sky (based on characters originally created for Braniff Airlines), and Girard Sansusie (a casual, playful face).

[Girard Sky]

[Girard Sansusie]

[Girard Slab]

[Girard Script]

As well as a series of functional objects including wooden blocks, solid maple nativity scene, handmade dolls, children's puzzle, and wooden memory set. There's also some great t-shirts featuring some of Girard's most recognizable images.

[Girard handmade doll, Rosy Casa. Designed exclusively for House Industries by Marilyn Neuhart.]

[House Industries Girard-inspired building logo tee]

Congrats on another unforgettable collection, House Industries!

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