Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Make your iPhone pretty

[From Typenuts]

I realize that each and every one of you is fully capable of making a gorgeous, engaging, well-typeset iphone wallpapers (And don't think I don't challenge you to do it too, but...). Sometimes, its nice to be inspired by someone else's work. Its cool. Its pretty. Its your favorite freakin' font. Whatever the reason, two web sites have popped up on our radar, both extolling the virtues of a well turned-out iPhone.

Typenuts features free typographically-focussed iPhone & desktop wallpapers.

Huge Type is an an experiment using found type and your iphone camera. Take a picture of a glyph in the world, upload it to the HugeType Flickr Pool. Then access the HugeType site via the iphone and browse the glyphs. If you have enough type nerd friends with iphones, you can even spell out a word. You'll probably have to wait for an AIGA event or the HOW conference before you can spell "antidisestabishmentarianism". (If you do, please send us a picture!)

[Fun with HugeType]

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