Monday, February 16, 2009

When my worlds collide

Anyone who knows me outside of the design world knows that, besides my love of Vespas, MINIs and yarn, I collect Blythe dolls. So, when Target launched its new ad campaign for the Alexander McQueen line featuring Blythe (customized by Minklet, one of the best Blythe customizers in the US), I had to find it.

Will the doll generate interest in the clothing line or will the ad and marketing generate more interest in the dolls?

More images of the dolls from the ads and the assorted marketing materials are posted on Flickr.

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kirsten said...

hah! i am sending you an ad from TimeOut NYC from this campaign. might try and shoot olive in front of one of the ads on my subway station if it stays up for a couple more days.