Friday, January 22, 2010

2010 Font Trends

Font Shop pulled together a list of Type Trends predictions for 2010. The list included the two beauties shown here as well as several other faces that may be making frequent appearances in the coming year. Mmmmm, new type!

Fonts featured here are: Tempera Rose and Tempera Biblio and PTL Superla


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I enjoy reading your blog. The possibilities that all of these new fonts present is exciting for the progress of web design and print design. So many varieties and styles of font mean that graphic designers can find a font to fit any kind of advertisement whether print or digital.

Sean said...

Talking from the perspective of a worker with the Wales web design team, I think that trends in font, and as well as in web design, are geared towards more sophisticated presentation. Sleek and elegant yet professional.

I'm also looking at typography as a growing trend.

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